How Atlantic Merchant Services can make
accepting paper checks easier and safer

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Check Acceptance – Atlantic Merchant Services can reduce or eliminate the chance of your business accepting a “bad check.” Their low cost check verification services can determine if the check writer is on a national “bad check writer” list. Check Guarantee with Conversion services will not only guarantee the funds will be available, but can electronically deposit checking funds into your checking account, reducing your trips to the bank.

ACH Processing – Atlantic Merchant can show you how to directly accept payment from your customers checking accounts into your checking account. Fees for processing ACH transactions are considerably lower than those of processing credit cards. In addition, Atlantic Merchant’s ACH processing tool allows you to set up re-occurring payments with your customers, send out invoices via email and have the invoices paid simply by clicking a button. You can also accept ACH payments over the phone using an IVR solution provided by Atlantic Merchant Services.

Free: Check Recovery Services – Atlantic Merchant Service customers are provided with a free check recovery service. If a check deposited is returned for “NSF,” Atlantic Merchant Services will attempt to collect that check at no cost to the retailer. Atlantic Merchant’s electronic check re-presentment program has been successful in collecting up to 80 percent of all ‘NSF” checks. In addition to this service being offered at no cost, Atlantic Merchant Services will deposit 100 percent of the face amount of the check into your checking account when collected.

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