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Atlantic Merchant Services’ customers understand that up to ninety percent of every card’s transaction cost is in their control. With Atlantic Merchant’s help, they use that knowledge to their full advantage.

Atlantic Merchant provides proven, comprehensive bankcard processing by working with the best authorization networks in the card processing industry.

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Never have to refuse a good card with full access to Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and JCB’s networks, along with safe and secure PIN-based debit card processing via Atlantic Merchant Service’s networks. credit-cards-B&WAtlantic Merchant’s professionals have the expertise to bring you up to date with tablet technology, inventory management software, virtual terminals, check processing, fleet and gift cards, and more. If you are a not a retailer, investigate our Atlantic Unlimited package here.

Atlantic Merchant qualifies its clients for the lowest possible rate on every transaction. Their trained professionals will learn your business and put together a debit and credit card processing solution that can lower your costs and speed your sales. Find out more by calling 877-947-1800 or fill out the form below.

What is a merchant account? Merchant services accounts, also known as merchant accounts, enable businesses to accept credit and debit cards. Despite the “account” name, it is not a bank account and despite the word “merchant,” it’s the same basic system for all businesses, large or small, not just retailers. And while the word “services” is used by most everyone, not every merchant service account provider offers the same level of service or expertise. Only about 10 percent of the cost is actual processing fees. Get a customized system for your business by calling 877-947-1800, use the form below or email

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