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giftcardsmerchantsGift cards continue to grow in popularity with consumers and retailers both. Your business can easily offer gift cards simply by calling Atlantic Merchant Services.

Why offer gift cards? The National Retail Federation recently reported that 60 percent of the US population expected to receive a gift card during the next holiday season. Gift cards will experience growth between 6 and 10 percent annually through 2015, says the CEB TowerGroup. They project US gift card spending will reach a total $138 billion by 2015.

For retailers, a gift card not only captures funds, but they ensure each holder will be visiting your store “perhaps for the first time” creating an obvious powerful marketing opportunity.

There are new federal regulations on gift cards, with some rules still evolving. Atlantic Merchant Services knows how to handle the hassle and make gift cards an easy, safe and effective marketing tool for retailers.

giftcardgraphAtlantic Merchant Services has an introductory package with as few as a hundred cards with gift card display racks, window decals and other proven point-of-sale materials. Atlantic Merchant’s local representatives can create a custom designed full-color card with your business logo.

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