Integrated Inventory Management

Need an automated inventory management system but don’t have the funds or technical savvy to build your own?


Atlantic Merchant Services offers a powerful but inexpensive and reliable platform that is easy to learn and implement. The proven service provides a suite of reports and notifications allowing merchants to focus on finding out what inventory is (or isn’t) driving the success of their business.

The system allows inventory levels to be adjusted when any product is purchased, either manually or by using a barcode scanner, providing up-to-date tracking of product assortment and quantity levels.

With all inventory data stored online through our secure servers, vital data will not be compromised.

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inventoryEasy-to-Implement — With no software required, merchants can easily integrate the management software into their business solutions.
Versatile — The proven inventory system works seamlessly with Atlantic Merchant Services’ payment systems.
Automated — Accurate reporting tracks the products and seasonal sales trends, reducing out-of-stock situations.
Secure — The security of the payment gateway from Atlantic Merchant Services ensures the merchant’s product database will not be compromised.

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