What is it about the credit and debit card business?

It’s true: The modern electronic system created to serve those who buy and sell threatens to take too large a share of our economy.

That said, credit and debit cards are a fact of life. Atlantic Merchant Services’ goal is to level the playing field as much as we can. Step one: Explain and manage the rules, making the system as fair and manageable as possible for our customers.

What does this look like in practice?

We make managing credit and debit cards as affordable, safe and simple as possible. Alas, sometimes simple and easy has a cost. It’s a balancing act. For you, some costs might be a good value, for others, not. (The new toys on top of the iPhone and tablets–and we do offer them–are one example.) Do not believe, however, that complexity is always cheaper. Sometimes it’s difficult and expensive. That doesn’t happen with our clients.

Atlantic Merchant Services is careful about making claims and promises. The demand for credit card services is (obviously) huge and varied. The amount of cash passing through the merchant services industry is (obviously) enormous. The result is that you will see a large number of players who are not careful with the facts. We value your trust.

We have built our business slowly, looking at the longer term. We develop each client relationship the same way, no matter if it is with a one-person retailer or a community bank partner. This is not true of every player in our industry. Incentives within some firms can easily be misaligned such that the focus is on making quick sales rather than invest the time to provide a proper set of technologies and establish the right level of services.

Our client turnover is low because we’re careful. Our operations are lean, our vendors and banking partners highly dependable. Our clients appreciate having a highly-trained representative in their business backed by a group of individuals that is second-to-none in managing security and processing.

Atlantic Merchant Services offers no magic widgets. We don’t have that single, simple winning plan that works well for everyone. The reality is that no one in our business has such a plan. Therefore, we listen to our clients’ concerns, learn about their enterprises and then use our experience and knowledge to recommend options best suited to their needs right now, working every day to earn their business.

We cannot make your debit and credit card processing fees go away. We can promise you the best possible package for your enterprise. Contact us and find out exactly how we can help your business. Our phone number is 877-947-1800.

Jerry Savage
President &
Chief Executive Officer
Atlantic Merchant Services
William Baker
Executive Vice President &
Chief Operating Officer
Atlantic Merchant Services


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      • Atlantic Merchant Services is a full-service electronic payment provider based in Raleigh, North Carolina.
      • Atlantic Merchant Services provides payment processing services for credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, EBT cards, fleet and fuel cards, and a complete set of check accepting services.
      • All of Atlantic Merchant Services’ offerings are maintained using highest security standards with 24/7 assistance.
      • The executives and managers of Atlantic Merchant Services have worked the majority of their careers helping businesses in the financial transaction industry.
      • Atlantic Merchant Services is the trusted partner of community banks, certified public accountants, trade associations and marketing professionals.
      • The majority of the firm’s new business is referred from Atlantic Merchant Services’ partners and clients.
      • Atlantic Merchant Services’ goal is to provide a high level of competent and caring service to their customers at the lowest possible cost.
      • Atlantic Merchant Services is an employee-owned company.


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